Al Fateh Cleaning And Maintenance Company is a Grade "A" service company established in 1992 under the management of Horizon International Group offering extensive general cleaning services throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our company can field a sufficient amount of highly experienced staff to clean a wide range of structures - ranging from buildings and premises including commercial offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, office parks, retail shops, malls, hotels, residences and apartments. Specialized cleaning services are also available to health care providers such as rest-homes and education providers including Schools and Government institutions.

Al Fateh Cleaning And Maintenance Company provides full specialist services such as Carpet, Sofa, Curtain Shampooing, Steam Cleaning, Office Equipment Maintenance, Gardening & Landscaping, Marble Restoration, Pest Control and Sanitizing, and all kinds of General cleaning and Maintenance services. We have a great team of collaborated cleaners to assist you in providing all the cleaning equipment and materials you need. Our background knowledge is enriched to offer you top quality cleaning services to meet your high standards and we are sure we can meet and deliver any of your specific demands.